Friday, September 25, 2020
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Trump Administration Publishes Waivers

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Around one week ago, the OGE (Office of Government Ethics) pressed the Trump Administration to publicly release ethics waivers, documents exempting an official of important ethics rules, for various lobbyists, and other personnel. OGE set a deadline for the release as June 1st.

Initially arguing that the OGE did not have the authority to ask for the documents, the Trump Administration posted the documents online on May 31st.

In response to the Administration’s compliance with the order, Director Walter Schaub said, “I’m pleased that the White House has released the waivers on its website. Having the waivers is critical to ensuring that agencies and individual appointees are adhering to ethics requirements.” (NPR)

These waivers are public, and more will come as OGE collects them from various other governmental agencies.




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