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Cigarettes on the Rise

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Cigarettes and Tobacco

Cigarettes date all the way back to the 16th century before they became popular in the 19th century. Ever since tobacco, the foundation of cigarettes, was brought into the world of trade, the demand for it increased dramatically. This caused farmers to begin planting more and more Tobacco seeds, which allowed for Cigarettes to continue being so popular today.

Currently, an estimated 1.1 billion people have picked up and tried a cigar. That would mean about one out of every seven people has smoked in their life. While most of these 1.1 billion people are adults, children are also part of the mix.

While it is not as common to see, teenagers also smoke “weed”, which contains THC, and other dangerous chemical compounds. According to recent statistics, 23 percent of high school students have used some form of tobacco primarily through cigars.

Although it is illegal to sell tobacco to minors, teens have managed new ways to get their hands on them: from giving a fake age to local sellers, to finding packs lying around the house.

The Cycle Continues

Peer pressure. It’s something we’ve all unwilling dealt with. Whether it was friends who were years smarter than you, or peers who acted like complete thugs, peer pressure will always have a large toll on the decisions one makes.

Not all kids can withstand feeling left out from a group. They would be willing to do anything to feel welcomed or invited, this is often how cigarettes transfer from one hand to another therefore continuing the cycle.

Quitting smoking is not an easy task to accomplish. After just one puff, someone can already become addicted to cigarettes. This is because the chemicals in a cigarette directly tells your brain to tell you, “m-m-must have more!” and just because you have never smoked, don’t think you are safe just yet. According to researchers, second hand smoking can be even worse than first hand smoking.

However, if these chemicals really are so dangerous, why hasn’t the government done anything about it? The government is in a sticky situation when it comes to dealing with Tobacco.

Surprisingly enough, the impacts of banning Tobacco would actually have a more negative than positive effect. Banning tobacco would mean a huge loss of income for the government and it would mean that millions of people such as farmers or traders could lose their jobs. Not only that, if such a casually used substance were to become banned, it would easily find its way into the black market, which would cause an even bigger problem for the Government trying to regulate it.


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