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NBA game held in Seattle: what does this mean?

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For the first time, in almost a decade, a real NBA game between the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors will be held in Seattle, at Key Arena, on October 8. Many don’t know why the NBA is planning to have this preseason game, in Seattle, but it will be an exhilarating event. Last year, NBA CEO Adam Silver said that “Seattle is at the top of [the NBA’s] expansion list, [so] it’s inevitable not to have a NBA team there”. Ever since the Super Sonics left to become the OKC Thunder, Seattle was left watching the Portland Trail Blazers; it isn’t the same feeling as watching your home town team play. The game in Seattle doesn’t mean that Adam Silver will decide to put a team in Seattle for the 18-19 season, but it does bring a bit of light for the Seattle sports fans, especially given the current sports situation. The Seattle Seahawks, are entering a big rebuild stage, the Mariners look to be ready to be playoff contenders with the addition of Dee Gordon, but have yet to make a playoff appearance for the last 17 years. The Seattle Sounders are the only team that seems to impress Seattle fans right now, making the last 2 MLS Cups, winning one. The Blazers, are seeming like real playoff contenders, but as they aren’t the home team, Seattle doesn’t have the connection with them, unlike the Sonics. Adam Silver, may be doing this Seattle game for business, as many fans are unwilling to travel out of the state to see a basketball game, so hold in Seattle where you will have more Washingtonians come and attend. Especially, with having one of the best team in the league right now, the Golden State Warriors.



Stephen Curry Shooting a Jump Shot

The other opponent, the Sacramento Kings, is currently in a giant rebuild stage. They are revolving their very young team, around young De’Aaron Fox, and sharpshooter Buddy Hield.


Buddy Hield driving on Davis Bertans


Washingtonians may not get a full blast on the star players in both teams, but they will be able to see them on the bench, and during the warm-up. The game is the experience that will get Seattle prepared for a future NBA team. As Adam Silver said, “expansion to Seattle is inevitable”.



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