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John Wall: College Through Today

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John Wall was born on September 6, 1990. His father died in 1999, leaving Wall only a mother and his two siblings. What did not having a father bring to Wall? Attitude issues, but also determination.

Wall enrolled at the Word of God Christian Academy, for high school. He mended his attitude issues there, as well as playing basketball. By the time Wall entered college, he was one of the best high school basketball players in the country, so naturally, he was recruited for several good basketball colleges such as Duke and Kentucky. Wall achieved through many awards, such as SEC player of the year, throughout college. He played three years of College Basketball for Kentucky before he went to the NBA. There, he was drafted Number 1 overall in the 2010 NBA draft by the Washington Wizards. He had a breakout first season shattering records after records for the Wizards; he went to the Rookie All-Star game and was named Rookie of the Game. He was the best player in the Summer League. He won many awards and he came very close to becoming Rookie of the Year. His second season was a season, because even though he play all the games, he disappointed many of the fans. They started to lose faith in Wall, and thought that his rookie season was his only good season, but they were soon proven wrong. In the 2013-2014 NBA season, John Wall was selected to be a reserve All-Star and he won the dunk-contest, the first Wizard to do this. Other than that, he signed a 5 year, $80 million dollar contract with the Wizards, making him one of the highest paid point guards in the NBA. Talk about making a comeback! In that season the Wizards got the 5th spot in the Playoffs, they beat the Chicago Bulls in the first round, but then lost in the second round to the Indiana Pacers. The following season, Wall was even more impressive, making the playoffs and sweeping their opposition in the first round, but eventually lost to the Atlanta Hawks in six games.

That season, Wall’s close friend died of cancer, and he cried and mourned and gave away all of his gear to his friends family. In the 2015-2016, Wall lost a great player, Paul Pierce. He now had to play with a rookie in that position and Wall was the leader of the team. He played well, until the final 20 games when he suffered a knee injury that held him back from leading the Wizards to another playoff appearance. This accident devastated Wizards fans. In the current season, John Wall is now second in the league in assists and steals. John made the All-Star team this year and scored 14 points and 6 assists in the game. He is known for helping out new rookies. The Wizards had Kelly Oubre Jr. join their team this year, and Wall certainly boosted his confidence. The Wizards are now having one of their best seasons in franchise history and John Wall has been leading them to their success. He is the most loved player on the Wizards now; if you attend a game you will see many people wearing his jersey, #2.

Wall is best known for his aggressive play. He loves dunking the ball.

Wall is also one of the fastest players on the field. “Off the breakaway he is one of the hardest guys to catch up too,” said NBA legend LeBron James. Wall is known to get fouled when he running off the breakaway, and 3-pointers are no surprise for John Wall when coming off a steal. For a point guard like Wall, speed is a critical thing to have. Wall’s speed is also used for assists as well, he has a total of 10.7 assists on the season which marks him as second in the league and he has 1.96 steals a season which puts him at second as well. The final thing that John Wall is known for are his celebrations: he loves to show off whenever he scores a point, his favorite one is when is where he puts his hands in the air and brings his fingers towards him.

John Wall’s NBA career may be amazing, but his international career was not so magnificent. He played for the international team only once, as a practice team for the FIBA international men’s team. He was preparing for the International Team in the 2016 RIO Olympics, but he suffered the injury that was mentioned earlier. Currently, John is sponsored by Adidas and has his own line, the JW brand. His basketball brand is own of the most best-selling brands out of all the Adidas sub-branches.

I have told you many of his positive things, but have I mentioned all the things that he doesn’t excel in. For a point guard, he is one of the worst three point shooters in the NBA by position. He shoots less than 35% from downtown. While this number is still significantly high, it is still one of the poorest numbers in the NBA by point guard. Another thing that Wall needs to work is temper. Wall tends to get about 3-5 fouls a game. When he reaches his 3rd foul tends to play more aggressive. When he reaches this point his scoring tends to go up, and his assists do not appear as frequently. He usually is fouled more often at this point as well. Overall, he does carry the team on his shoulders most of the time, but he tends to hog the ball when he gets angry. At the current moment, the Wizards are playing the Atlanta Hawks in the first round. What can you expect? The Wizards are a heavy favorite; they beat the Hawks every time this season. At the current moment, they are leading the Hawks 2-1 in the series. Wall averaged a total of over 30 points this series and over 7 rebounds and 10 assists. In Game 3 of the playoffs, Wall literally fought back from a 28 point deficit and got as close as 6 points, but the effort was not to finish the Hawks and they lost by 18 points. Advertising is also a big thing for John Wall; he is currently starring in an Autotrader commercial. Other than that, we will have to wait what the near future offers for us.

Here are some last trivia facts about John Wall. Despite having his own brand of shoes, John Wall does not wear those shoes during games; he wears Kobe Bryant shoes. John Wall is one of the most fouled players in the NBA due to his fast base-to-base speed, which was mentioned earlier. John Wall averages 3.6 fouls a game, which is very low for a player that possesses as much talent as he does. John Wall always wears an arm sock around his right hand, despite being a left hand shooter. John Wall ranks number 14 in best clutch shooters ever in the NBA. When the game is on the line, Wall delivers 57% of the time. My last fact is that players tend to get angry at Wall for his style of play, as point guards do not play usually aggressive. As much as Wall is despised or loved, he is still and always will be one of the NBA’s best players.

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