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Response to an Anonymous NWYJ Columnist: ASB

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Thank you for writing about this issue.

We are trying to set our student government up, from ground zero. Right now, we have started to take a few steps, but it is always hard to trail blaze. While high schools may have had years to find out what their purpose was, this is only our first year of being a proper ASB.

I can provide an idea of what we are doing in ASB, but I can’t provide details until I am sure about non-disclosure regulations. Although the BSD and WASBO provide details on records retention, they do not go into detail on records disclosure. If you want to have the records disclosed, you may research to find the process. By my understanding, it requires a request to some authority figure, although I am not sure whom you must contact. Even though this seems silly, they are still public records nonetheless, and require the same process as other records of the same nature. To clarify: it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I’m not sure that I can.

In ASB, we are planning end of the year events, as well as a few destressors for mid-quarter. We are also trying to define each role, and its responsibilities. We are also forming an ASB Student Council, made up of various peoples. We are also trying to find out what the student body wants, by asking with surveys.

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