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Fidget Spinners

The new fad: fidget spinners. That ‘whrr’ sound that is produced every time a child decides to spin it. The hypnotizing way it revolves. However, it is no more than a fad, preying on the minds of children.

This isn’t a one-off thing. Fads have happened multiple times throughout the childhoods of the post-2000’s. One year it was these rubber bands shaped like different objects, such as a bus, a car, or a cat, called SillyBandz. The next, it was Rainbow Loom, where children would string together small rubber bands to create various objects, such as bracelets. The next, it was slime.

The only useful purpose of these was to be cool, to be hip and trendy. After the fad died down, SillyBandz, Rainbow Loom, slime just sat on the kitchen counters, in the drawers of houses all across America.

But still, forgotten were they not. The manufacturers of these products made a killing, and their money wasn’t in a drawer. They were bathing in it. They didn’t care what they made, as long as it made them a boatload of money

Fidget spinners and fads, in general, are ‘get rich quick’ schemes. One kid sold a fidget spinner to another kid for about $10, where he had only bought it for $4. It is great to make money, but it really stings. Kids don’t realize that they are getting hustled. If it costs fifteen cents to make a fidget spinner, and they sell for $3, they corporation has an astounding profit margin of 95%. The kid that sold the fidget spinner may be getting more in revenue, but they have only a 60% profit margin. Over time, the corporation will easily accumulate more money, due to the large volume they sell.

And what do five dollars go toward? Nothing, for the majority of the population. Fidget spinners may help children with ADHD and autism. But as one classroom educator put it, “Children that have spinners don’t need them, while children that ‘need’ them don’t have them.”

For most, fidget spinners are merely a distraction or a social tool. Children that spin fidget spinners both attract the attention of other students, seeing this cool object, or create distractions for others, with the whirring sound it makes. Either way, it detracts from the education, the focus of the students on their work.

Your education is definitely worth more than five dollars. Don’t be trapped by the fad. Use your five dollars for better purposes.


Joshua Wang contributed to this report.

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