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ASB Executive Board Lacks Clarity

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Since the November ASB elections, the students of Odle have been left in the dark. The students they elected appear to be solving few of the problems surrounding Odle.

When I cast my vote in November, I was optimistic. I based many of my votes on the candidates that actually talked about policy. As a candidate, I tried to focus on the policy, not the puns.

Now it is the beginning of March, and the only two things I have seen the ASB Board do is talk at an assembly, and create something called “ASB Kindness Week”.

I’m all for kindness and people being kind to each other. However, try to deliver that message in a different way. I’m sorry but I don’t need to receive an Odle OARRs for pushing my chair in something I’ve been doing every day for the past 7 years.

I don’t really think ASB Kindness week had that much of an effect over the school Even the teachers weren’t paying attention to it! Kindness is a moral value, everyone has that value and its human nature to be kind and show empathy.

That being said, try not to force people to be kind or give students the idea that they should only be kind to get a reward. That is exactly the opposite of everyone’s agenda.

I think it is time for the students of Odle to be able to hear what is going on in these meetings. We, as the students, deserve to understand what our elected officials are doing with our time. Therefore, I ask for the transcripts of these meetings to be released and available to the public.

We have an ASB Secretary that takes notes on what happens at these meetings. It would not be very hard to release these to the public.

Many campaign promises are being unfulfilled. Releasing the transcripts will allow the electors to get accountable. By doing this, we can actually find out what our officials are doing with their time.

To all the ASB officers, thank you for doing your job. It’s a hard job, and I’m not here to criticize you. However, we must create a better ASB system so that the officers are truly serving the people.

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