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My Thoughts on Inception

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Inception was a decent movie. It starred Leonardo DiCaprio as the main character Dominick Cobb, and featured Joseph Gordon-Levitt as his fellow “extractor”. It has an 8.8 out of 10 rating on IMDb, and an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, I’m not here to critique the actors or setting and film location. I’m writing this to take a closer look at the movie’s plot line and ideas brought up by the movie.

Many of you may be wondering why I chose Inception. First of all, I’m not your standard movie reviewer. I’m not going to go to the theater on a Sunday Morning and watch every new feature. I’m only here because when I watched Inception, it fascinated me. By fascinate, I mean the movie made me ponder the ideas brought forth in the movie. Before I get any further, let me warn all readers of spoilers in the movie. I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but if you haven’t watched the movie and want to, you should probably stop reading. I’ll give you warnings before spoilers.

I’ll start with a quick synopsis of the movie. Dom Cobb and Arthur are two extractors that perform corporate espionage by traveling into the dreams of their targets to get secret information for their employer. The two are approached by a Japanese Businessman named Saito, who wants them to do what seemed like the impossible to them; plant an idea in someone’s mind.

Spoiler: They manage to plant the idea and everyone is happy and life goes back to normal.

The main thing that interested me in this movie is the whole notion of going into someone’s dream. If we think about it, dreams house some of our most private thoughts. Breaking into someone’s subconscious is like breaking into someone’s house. I think this idea serves as foreshadowing for the future. With technology advancing daily, who knows when our smartphones will become smart enough to retrieve the most secure secret locked away in our mental vault.

In addition, the idea of using an “architect” to construct dreams really fascinated me. Take a minute to think about that. Someone that has the capability to shape your dreams in your subconscious. The creativity it takes to do that is breathtaking. It may seem easy, but as seen in the movie, Dominick Cobb put his new architect, Ariadne, through a mentally challenging test: draw a maze in 60 seconds that takes 60 seconds to solve.

I also thought the morals behind the movie were interesting. The main reason why Dominick Cobb was agreeing to incepting (planting an idea in someone’s mind by traveling into their dream) their target was so he could get back to his kids.

Spoiler: Cobb first performed Inception on his wife, Mal, and she eventually could not tell what reality was. If you are in a dream and die, you wake up so Mal had the bright idea of killing herself and trying to take Cobb with her. Mal made it seem like Cobb was plotting to murder her, and he could either kill himself or continue to live and face a murder charge and never see his two children either way.

Was it wrong for Cobb to perform it? I think there are many arguments for each side. Saito wanted Cobb to incept a competitor his business and try and get him to sell his large company that he inherited from his father that passes away in the movie.  In my view, I feel like it was ethically wrong for Cobb to incept the main competitor, but there is no law against planting an idea in someone’s head and traveling into their dream (except for Corporate Espionage, but that does not apply). I do have to say that posing the idea as a last message from the target’s father (“Be your own man; don’t try and be like me.”) was a smart move from Cobb and his team.

Other than that, the ending was a tad confusing. I admit I had to rewatch it a few times to fully understand it. My request to all of the readers is to please think more about the movie you are watching. Don’t just watch it for entertainment (even though that’s what movies are generally for) try and have the movie make you think. If you have any other ideas, please mention them in the comments below!

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