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Safe Energy Leadership Alliance

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Serving as the King County Executive for 7 years now, Dow Constantine continues to pave the way toward his beliefs of a well-run county. Setting his bar high, Constantine is dedicated to pursue his many initiatives in the upcoming year.

Out of the whopping 23 proposals that Constantine hopes to embrace, there are a few that stand out to impact a vast majority of the community in the near future, these being Sound Transit 3, SELA, and employment.

Hearing “Sound Transit 3” may not ring a bell to most people but as a resident of the King County region myself, understanding the benefits of this initiative is a no-brainer. But not only me, adults in particular understand the pain of traffic as the sun rises and dawns. To be able to relocate oneself swiftly allowing for efficiency and saving the many minutes that would have been wasted on the road, that is what the “Sound Transit 3” strives to do with its’ promising 108 miles of light rail connecting the King County district.

The SELA otherwise known as the Safe Energy Leadership Alliance plans to create a “better [understanding of] the potential safety and economic impacts from coal and oil trains” (Dow Constantine). From past experiences, it is clear that just one major spill can contaminate waters and land threatening our health. The SELA reviews the risks of spills and is meant to protect the communities that we have created.

As nearly every child’s future depends on it, employment determines one’s well-being during his or her adulthood. The changing workforce is focusing on a set of key principles: respect for people, fair pay, diversion along with inclusion and the undoing of unfair racial bias.

However, the King County council only has a limited supply of money to complete their initiatives. With their two-year budget of merely, yes, just merely 11 billion dollars, the Council will have to spend wisely to get to all of their tasks.

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