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Odle Students’ Permission to Send School Emails Revoked

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Around 2:00 PM yesterday, reports were received that Odle students’ permission to send emails to each other students was revoked indefinitely. After attempting to send emails to other students, students received an message similar to this:

These rules follow a chain of spam emails sent to almost all Odle students. Around seven people were responsible for the spam. The full script of the Bee Movie was among the first items sent; others include images and larger files, which may have caused a brief delay in the school’s network.

School officials have attempted to prevent such mass emails in the past by restricting students from sending to [email protected], which connects to all of the students in Odle. Whoever created the mass email must have prepared for a long time copying and pasting student emails one by one from the Office 365 directory.

“Students may send and receive email to and from Odle staff, but students are not permitted to send or receive email to or from other user groups, including other BSD students.”

At least two students had their computer privileges temporarily revoked immediately after the incident.

Although the suspension of student email privileges is certainly temporary, the rule will almost certainly obstruct some individuals’ schoolwork, by blocking appropriate as well as inappropriate emails.

Mr. Miller, the Odle principal, stated that “BSD email should only be used to communicate about your studies at Odle and other school activities.” This mass emails represent disregard for this policy.

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