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LA/SS 9 Poem

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LA/SS 9, consisting of Philosophy, Literature and Composition, and Foundations of World History, has been a strenuous journey filled with all kinds of different and interesting events. From self-deprecation to procrastination to sleep deprivation, from stress to tests, this year taking this class has certainly not been easy. Ultimately, to paraphrase President Kennedy, we took this class not because it was easy, but because it was hard.


The generation previous past,

Warned of doom approaching fast.

A struggle, a difficult, challenging class,

The straight-nine version of LA/SS.

The day came, September 1st.

With everyone’s moods at their worst.

The doomsday had come, far too quick,

The time had come to use the studying tricks.

But it is almost gone, we are the last generation.

Is there any need for elated celebration?

LA/SS 9, and PRISM as a whole,

Will be gone as the year passes in full.

The last of us, we that complain,

Will be the last who endure this pain,

And as the year begins to disappear,

Then let us look back without fear.

September, as I remember,

A month of fears and of a dazed craze.

Mounting stress and tension building,

The month passed by in a foggy haze.

October began the philosophy course.

Discussion on reality and of its core,

Some on knowledge and of thought,

And that of force, action, art, and more.

November brought much work,

Such, the multi-week research project.

Study on the various philosophers,

Of their lives, thoughts, and every aspect.

With December came mixed feelings.

Festive joy and holiday cheer,

But amongst the light there was the dark,

Constant work and sweat and tears.

Then, January was pure brutality.

A never-ending fortnight of six tests,

Long, parched nights of studying.

The stress challenged even the best.

February was a fresh start.

Both for us and for spring.

A new teacher and new topics,

Rome, China, and other things.

March marks the three-quarters point,

Most has passed and left behind.

Yet there are two months ahead,

There is still more use for our mind.

But so it ends, and we are here,

Alive and well at the end of the year,

The last of this class will be gone,

But its legacy in us will live on.

This has been our year of LA/SS 9. It will also be the last year of LA/SS 9, and PRISM as a whole for that matter.

What may come to replace this class in the future, if something is to come, is unknown to us as of now. But we survived without any mental collapses or other stress-induced problems. And that alone is worth celebrating.


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