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Ivan Duran Selected to be Next BSD Superintendent

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On August 12, 2016, Bellevue School District Superintendent Tim Mills announced on the BSD website, “I have made the decision to retire at the end of my current contract, June 2017. “ Dr. Mills has been a superintendent for 18 years and a total of 40 years as an educator. Although he declined to comment on the three finalists for the job, he stated, “We are fortunate to have a great Board, and I know they will be very thoughtful in creating a process that will serve our district and most importantly our students well.”

The three final candidates were Dr. Joel Boyd, Dr. A. Katrise Perera, and Dr. Ivan Duran. From March 8 to March 10, the Bellevue School Board presented the three candidates in morning and evening forums. Video recordings of these were posted on the district website, along with a survey that closed on March 12.

On Monday, March 13, Dr. Duran won the position by a unanimous vote from the Bellevue School Board. “We had an impressive field of candidates, and among those, Dr. Duran became our clear choice,” said Board President Christine Chew.

Dr. Duran was the deputy superintendent of the Dallas School District, responsible for all academic programs and the Office of Transformation and Innovation. In

2015, when Colorado adopted the Common Core assessment, Denver Public Schools improved about 30 percentiles under Dr. Duran’s changes. He has studied Education Leadership and Policy Study, Curriculum and Instruction, and Elementary Education. According to the BSD website, “Dr. Duran is a highly effective organizational leader whose core values include a passionate commitment to educational equity, dedication to continuous improvement aimed at results, and a collaborative and transparent leadership style.”

Dr. Mills has set an outstanding example; as Michele Miller, a BSD instructor and the president of the Sammamish UniServ, Dr. Mills “has introduced a respectful, collaborative leadership style with the ability to bring people together and problem solve.”

Though Dr. Duran has had great successes in his 26 years of work at schools, he received complaints from teachers and Latino parents in Denver that their children were humiliated at school.

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