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Updated: Car Incident at Odle Middle School

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Note: All chronological and minute details have been supplied by an informant, whose identity we will not reveal. The NWYJ is not responsible for any false, biased, or misleading information.

On Monday, May 14, 2018, at about 2:20 PM, Mary Shahrvini, an attendance specialist at Odle Middle School, was hit by a car. According to our informant, Shahrvini and Marilyn Kelley, one of the secretaries, were walking in the road along the fire lane.

The map of Odle’s parking lot, with the incident happening in the red square. (source of map:

Then, a woman driving a black Toyota Prius approached Shahrvini and Kelley. The driver reportedly was not looking in the direction of Shahrvini and Kelley, with the glare of the sun and vegetation obstructing her view. The car approached Shahrvini and Kelley, slowing down, but instead of stopping, the driver suddenly accelerated, hitting Shahrvini. While the car was rolling over Shahrvini, Kelley started banging on the side of the car, yelling at the driver to stop. Shahrvini screamed and fell head first, and the back wheel of the car rolled over both of Shahrvini’s legs slowly–it is unlikely that any bones were broken. Shahrvini began bleeding from the temples and the arm. After the impact, the driver of the car immediately got out of the car and knelt down beside Shahrvini, crying. The secretary allegedly reprimanded the driver, repeatedly telling her, “You didn’t even stop!”, while elevating Shahrvini’s head with a bag.

Photo of the incident (photo taken by informant)

Shahrvini reportedly told the witnesses surrounding her, “I’m hot” while she was still conscious in the 88 degree weather, and was brought an umbrella by Yoshi, one of the Odle lunch staff members. At the time, three more people, including a male UPS deliverer and Yoshi, arrived at the scene.

Photo of police cars and paramedics (photo taken by informant)

After about 8 minutes of the accident, two ambulances, three police cars, and a fire truck arrived. Shahrvini was transferred from one ambulance to another. The police told the bystanders to calm the driver of the car, and within 40 minutes of the accident, the police put up yellow tape around the site. The witnesses begin to complete their witness reports while their IDs are examined by policemen in a separate vehicle.

2:45 – The Bellevue Fire Department arrives to the scene. One ambulance, two fire trucks, and one Bellevue Fire SUV were dispatched, with sirens and lights on.

2:48 – Undercover Bellevue Police Patrol Car arrives to the scene with lights on. An informant tells the NYWJ that the police officer (which the informant identified to be male) took a clipboard with a form on white paper as he exited the car. The police officer was walking, not running.

2:55 to 3:00 – Odle Principal Aaron Miller and Vice Principal Genishea Wea run to Bellevue Police to understand the situation. An informant tells the NWYJ that Mr. Miller ran and discussed to a police officer whose car was parked near the north-end of the school building.

3:21 – Mr. Miller comes on the school intercom to announce that there are changes to after-school plans today. He announced that student-pickup is now at Foursquare, across the street from Odle. An informant tells the NWYJ that police cars, one black Bellevue Police SUV patrol car and one white Bellevue Police Traffic Enforcement SUV car, had blocked access to the school. Busses were still picking up students, but all after-school activities and the late bus were cancelled. Considering that access to 143rd Avenue Northeast, which diverts from the NE 8th Street to give access to Odle Middle School, neighboring Bellevue Aquatic Centers, and some apartments, was blocked, it is unclear as to how the busses entered the school.

3:28 – Mr. Miller goes back on the intercom, and repeats the commands above. He also adds that students can only leave using the main doors, at the southern end. Mr. Miller told second-floor teachers to keep students in the classroom, while first-floor teachers were to escort students to the main door when the bell rings. Only having first-floor students leave was probably an attempt to control the flow of students in the confusing situation, though the school is yet to confirm this.

3:30 – Bell rings, marking the end of the school day.

3:30 – As first floor students leave, they first go to their lockers to gather their belongings.

3:31 – Teachers from nearby classrooms quickly flock to the side doors to block students from leaving via the side doors.

3:33 – As students exit the school using the main door, teachers (whose name the NWYJ will not reveal), wearing orange reflective vests and standing at elevated positions, repeatedly yell that bus pickups are in their normal area and student-pickups should walk towards the left (north). More teachers wearing orange vests remind students to keep on walking north near the Bellevue Aquatic Center. Along the way, teachers remind students to stay on the sidewalk.

3:45 – After completing their witness reports, police review the written reports alongside each witness, then return the witness’ Washington ID and direct witnesses in vehicles out of the school parking lot.

The driver’s husband arrives and thanks a witness for comforting his wife just as the male UPS deliverer has finished his witness report.

4:00 – All witnesses have filed witness reports directly to present policemen and left school grounds. The driver is still in shock, crying and visibly distraught.

At the main traffic light that separates Odle Middle School from Foursquare Church, where student pick-up was, students gathered awaiting permission to cross. Multiple students tell the NYWJ that a police car was blocking the way into Odle Middle School. Another police car was slightly more east, blocking entry into the lane that would be used to turn into Odle. At the intersection, three police officers were stationed directing traffic. Three teachers were also holding sings telling parents that student pick-up was at Foursquare Church. Students describe the police officers making them wait for 3-4 minutes before allowing them to cross the road. After crossing the road, students walked up an incline (eastwards) towards the church. The NWYJ has learned that many students were in the parking lot, confused as to what happened, and struggling to establish communications with their parents. Cars leaving the church could only turn right (towards the west), which is suspected to be to ease the confusing flow of traffic.

The green marks are where Bellevue Police blocked off car access. The white Bellevue Police Traffic Enforcement SUV was located at the bottom-left corner of the map, and yellow crime-scene tape barricaded the green area in the middle-right corner of the map. Bus access, which goes in bus-only lane that is in blue on the map, was not disrupted. (Source for map:

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4 thoughts on “Updated: Car Incident at Odle Middle School

  1. This kind of accident is easily expected as some parents speeding up their cars and not stopping at stop sign on our school road. More parents volunteers needed to guide traffics at present during the busy hours.

  2. School wasn’t out yet. It was an hour and 10 minutes before the bell. It wasn’t a busy time at all. Usually there’s only the start of a car line for pickup at this time.

  3. Yeah, its lovely how people really aren’t paying attention, after that, our school (odle) really enforced traffic after the incident, im just glad it hasnt happened since

  4. Well, I am an 8th grader at odle and i still see parents not following traffic rules. I still dont know who is in charge of controlling the traffic at Odle, I’m in ASB and it seems that ASB does not make decisions regarding this topic, so i think spreading more awareness on why controlling the traffic is very important.

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