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ASB Transparency Report

Source: Bellevue School District
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DISCLAIMER: This report does not necessarily represent the views of the NWYJ. This is a public document written by and for the Associated Student Body (ASB) of Odle Middle School. It is a summary of discussions in the Associated Student Body. While truth is the ultimate goal, the projection in this report may deviate from the real text.

Initial Statement

A republican government must function like a body. The officers are the heart, and the people are the extremities. Each, although it may seem not, plays a key role. The heart brings life to the extremities, pumping oxygen to the extremities, while the extremities allow the body to achieve locomotion and interact with the outside world. The mutual interaction between the two creates a virtuous cycle, where both benefit. However, the refusal of one to provide to the other is detrimental to both. If the extremities refuse to locomote the body, the body cannot obtain nutrients, causing all to die. If the heart refuses to pump, the body does not obtain essential, life-giving, oxygen, eventually causing ill effects for it as well.

In this school, neither plays its role well. The ASB is not transparent, and the people do not request. Therefore, the republican system turns into a shrouded oligarchical system. This report aims to unshroud the ASB, and provide the best information to the people so that they are informed and knowledgeable, and can effectively participate in this instituted republican system. However, the people cannot be passive citizens. When people are passive citizens, they provide no input to their representatives, bringing down the point of the republican system. With no republican system left, the representatives have no choice but to create oligarchy. Therefore, people must be active citizens. The people of Odle Middle School must petition their representatives with their interests, and how their representatives can truly represent them. Only then can the representatives be a part of a republican, not oligarchical system. Methods of doing so are widely available, and readily accessible. These must be utilized.

1. End of Year Trips

8th Grade Party

At the end of the year, the 8th graders will be going on a chartered boat from Argosy Cruises. On the boat, various amenities will be provided. Some of these are catered food and a dance room. Students will use BSD transport to arrive at the dock. Prior to going, students will be required to sign a permission slip, due to the excursion’s classification as a field trip, and also pay a fee, which will be around $70. Students unable as determined by the District will be allowed to pay a reduced fee. If students do not meet the above requirements, they will be excluded from going. The fee will go toward paying for cruise-related and brunch-related expenses, as well as allowing future ASB’s to have a healthy starting balance. The boat will sail for a few hours, and will return to the dock, at which point BSD transport will be waiting to transport students back to school.

An additional component is the 8th grade brunch. It will mainly feature brunch food provided by the BSD, a photo booth, and other amenities. This incorporates the promotion ceremony.

7th Grade Party

At the end of the year, the 7th graders, for the first time ever, will be granted a field trip as well. A location for their excursion has not been determined yet, but may be options such as an arcade or a roller rink. BSD transport will be used to transport students to and from the venue. Similar to the 8th grade party, a fee and a permission slip will be required.

6th Grade Party

ASB will not plan a 6th grade party, as it is recognized that Camp Orkila is their party. Furthermore, ASB does not plan in being involved in Camp Orkila.

2. Socials and Assemblies

Field Day

A field day, similar to elementary school field days, is proposed. While unapproved, this would be an end-of-year social. As quoted, “[the] purpose [is] to get outside and bond as one Odle!” There would be no fee, allowing all of Odle to participate. It would happen in school recreation centres, such as the exterior area and the gymnasium. The committee is exploring planning activities with PE teachers, and organizing other active activities. Popsicles may be provided, although an issue was stated that, “In social hour, when they handed out popsicles there was a riot.” And, “…lots of people just washed off the Sharpie.” A proposal to have people, “working in teams with LA SS,” was stated.


A school dance is proposed. This dance would be afterschool. A date is not decided. Possible venues are the commons and the gymnasium. An entrance fee, and possible other fees would be charged for the purpose of compensation and profit. A raffle may be conducted, with an additional fee to buy a ticket. A music organizer would be provided. Food may also be provided. Parents or teachers would volunteer to staff and supervise the event. Décor may follow a ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme. However, these ideas have not been combined to create a cohesive event.

3. Fundraisers

House Point System

This idea has been generally disregarded, due to its overwhelming complexity. It would divide the school into ‘houses,’ and would have the goal of encouraging students to participate in school activities to earn points for their ‘house’, with prizes for houses with the most points. For details, please email.

Pie Throwing

Students would either pool money or win an auction for rights to pie a volunteer teacher. The money would cover cost of pies and profit. One issue is the food safety of the pies, as they must meet BSD regulations.

Sport Competition

Students would get the opportunity to participate in a sport competition. An entrance fee would be required. While there are no prizes planned, food will be provided at the end. This event would need to be heavily staffed, ad would be highly logistical.

Odle’s Got Talent

Similar to talent shows on television, Odle would host its own talent show. Conflicting ideas of this event have been presented. One idea is to have prospects pay a performance fee, perform, and be judged by teachers. Students would be allowed to watch, albeit with an entrance fee. This idea aims to be similar to television talent shows. However, some have pointed out that it may not be in a good interest to judge students, discouraging some if they get low scores. Another idea is similar to the first, but would be scripted, and more as a comedy bit. Some persons may volunteer to perform comically bad. A more popular idea is to replicate the school talent show at the end of the year, where students first audition, and then perform. They would not be charged a fee. However, viewers would still need to pay an entrance fee. Others feel that the judging issue is very important, and propose limiting performers to teachers, in order to ensure emotional integrity.

Parent’s Night Out

Parents would be able to drop off their young children and be freed to have a night out. In order to have a manageable environment, the children would have to be 3 or older and potty trained. Parents would pay a fee per child.

4. Survey

An online survey using Microsoft Forms has been created to assess student interest in various proposed activities, as well as interest in specific areas in approved events. It is divided by grade, as there are grade-specific questions. Teachers will be notified in advance of the survey date. A guiding video may be filmed in order to prime students with the functions of ASB. Students will likely take the survey in first period. In lieu of the announcements, students will be directed to take the survey.




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