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Intel or AMD: Which is the better processor?

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When it comes to personal computers, there are many important components that all impact a PC’s performance. For instance, RAM influences how many things your computer can do at once. The more RAM or Random Access Memory, the more things your computer do at once. However, the most important part of a computer is by far the Central Processing Unit (CPU), or the processor.

If a motherboard were to be considered as the skeleton of the computer, then the CPU would be the brain. The CPU processes instructions that it receives from other programs by performing mathematical operations. Your CPU can even display images on your monitor, even though this job is generally reserved for the graphics card.

Just like how Coca Cola and Pepsi are in a raging war over dominance in the soda industry, Intel and AMD are constantly fighting over the creation of a better processor  .

Intel is a processor company founded in 1968 by physicist Gordon E. Moore. He was accompanied by Robert Noyce; both left Fairchild Semiconductor for this opportunity. They chose the name “Integrated Electronics,” or INTEL for short. At first, they began making Random Access Memory chips, or RAM chips, but they soon started manufacturing microprocessors upon inquiry by a Japanese calculator company. In 2000, Intel made the world’s very first 1 GHz processor.

When looking at a processor, there are two main factors in play: cost and power. In general, Intel is more powerful, while AMD boasts a smaller price tag. Just look at some of their more recent processors: the least expensive AMD processor is the Sempron, starting at around 30$, while Intel’s least expensive one is the Celeron, which costs $45. When looking at performance, the most powerful Intel one is currently the i7, with 4.2 GHz, while AMD’s is the FX-8350, with 4.0 GHz (What does this mean?).

What does this mean to you? If you are buying a laptop, almost every laptop built houses an Intel processor. However, if you are planning to build a computer, first determine what type of computer you want to build. If you want a cheap computer, to use only for homework and some casual games, then the recommended chip would be an AMD model, since their processors are quite a bit cheaper than their counterparts. On the flip side, if you want a powerful computer, perhaps for hardcore gaming or intensive usage, buy an Intel processor, as they provide more power.

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