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Democrats Apparently Unaware of Civil War in their Party

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Just yesterday, Sanders and Tom Perez started their ‘Unity Tour’. This isn’t the only push for unity among the Democrats. [11]
In fact, The Hill recently published an article titled ‘Democrats welcome Bernie Takeover’. In this article, author Amie Parnes stated how the party is being unified, and the corporates are accepting Bernie’s wing. Really? [5]

The answer, as is obvious, nope. A clear message of the Sanders wing was to end donations by corporations and their lobbyists, but this message is seemingly being ignored by the corporates; between January and March, four lobbyists managed to raise almost $400,000 for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Compare this with only around $100,000 for the ENTIRE 2016 election cycle. As the International Business Times puts it, “The cash infusion comes as House Democrats face pressure to break from their party and support Trump administration initiatives that could benefit the lobbyists’ clients.” [1]

This isn’t the first time they’ve rejected and shunned progressives. About 2 months ago, the DNC elected Tom Perez as DNC chair. A self-proclaimed ‘progressive’, he supported the TPP, and continued to do so throughout the entire DNC campaign. [3]

As the Observer reports, “In 2014, the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies asked Perez’s Department of Labor for permission to use a 401(k) to invest in Medallion, a profitable fund set up by billionaire James Simons—who donated $11 million to pro-Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA during the 2016 presidential election. Bloomberg reported in 2015 that the exemption granted by Perez’s Labor Department was the second afforded to Medallion, enabling the fund to skirt millions of dollars in taxes on investments.”

The same article described the Labor Department (led by Scum Perez) as having given waivers to Credit Suisse, even after they pled guilty to Tax Evasion. As representatives Maxine Waters, George Miller, and Stephen Lynch wrote, ““When the Department simply waives the disqualification provisions on a seemingly automatic basis, it undermines firms’ incentives to obey the law,” [4]

While some may argue that the DNC chair’s power is limited to a small degree, that still doesn’t change the fact that Perez’s election was a wrist-slap to the progressive wing. The DNC Chair also extends beyond an objective view. A Bernie-style progressive would send a resounding message to the Bernie wing: that they mattered. On the subject of unity, Keith Ellison had numerous endorsements from both the Progressive wing, such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Raul Grijalva, AND the Centrist wing, such as Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid. [6] An Ellison win would have solidified the unity of the Democratic Party, and appealed to the progressives as well as the centrists. Scum Perez’s win only further fractures the party, and pushing a false ‘unity’ story helps no one, and is factually incorrect.

Indeed, the article itself even contains instances of Democratic officials and spokespeople making ridiculous comments about Sanders’ party affiliation, ‘unrealistic’ proposals, and it being his ‘fault’ that Trump won. Providing counter-evidence to your point, and then completely ignoring it and drawing a false conclusion doesn’t help your claim.

Meanwhile, hostilities appear to be ramping up between progressives and centrists. At a recent ‘Come Together Fight Back’ event in Maine, the crowd reacted with boos at the mention of Tom Perez, a clear sign that progressives aren’t convinced. [10]
Last Friday, former DNC chair Howard Dean, and CAP President Neera Tanden attacked Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard for questioning the legitimacy of alleged chemical gas attacks in Syria blamed on the Assad regime. In a CNN interview, she stated, “What I believe, what you believe, or what others believe is irrelevant. What matters here is the evidence and the facts.” In the continuing interview, she went on to ask for the release of evidence that the Trump administration claimed they had. In response, Howard Dean tweeted that “She sounds like Trump making excuses”. [7]
The DNC also attacked Sanders for not surrendering his email communications list with hostility and aggression. Last Saturday, Kaivan Shroff, a Clinton campaign organizer tweeted “Bernie’s base is the white demographic that didn’t turn out enough to stop Trump. If he wants to fight for progress, he has to help us win.”[9]

The simple fact is that the push of party loyalty comes at a time when the party has a fundamental split between the left and the center. With the launch of Justice Democrats as a legitimate challenge to the same-old Clinton centrist approach, there are serious questions as to the future of the Democratic Party.


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