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Utilitarianism is often used in conjunction with the term “consequentialism”. This is the belief that all that determines an action’s morality is action’s consequences. Utilitarian’s also believe that a “moral” act increases happiness the most, for the most number of people. [1] There are two main theories of Utilitarianism: act-Utilitarianism

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Gov. Inslee Proposes Ambitious Climate Action Plan

Washington Governor Jay Inslee's plan would attempt to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions, primarily by eliminating non-renewable energy use. (Source: Pixabay) On Monday, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, alongside Democratic state legislators and climate change activists, unveiled a comprehensive plan to battle the increasing threat of climate change and

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Why Communism Failed

In some ways, communism succeeded. It led to rapid industrialization and better gender equality in both Russia and China, and both countries were able to grow their economies massively. However, after WWII, their imperialist expansion of communism into the West caused backlash from the U.S. and Great Britain. Western powers

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