Sunday, August 18, 2019


Kamala Harris’s Prosecutorial Record

A Response to “Why did Communism Fail?” Part Addendum, Part Rebuttal

How the Elite Get Their Own Version of American Justice

Politico-Economic Impacts of Capitalism

U.S. News

Kamala Harris’s Prosecutorial Record

The Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer Populations

Gov. Inslee Proposes Ambitious Climate Action Plan

FDA’s New Regulations on E-Cigarettes

The Syrian Refugees

The Repercussions of Social Media

Local News

BSD Proxy Usage

Updated: Car Incident at Odle Middle School

Beltran-Serrano, et al. v. City of Tacoma

Replace Bus Passes with Barcode Cards

The BSD Laptop Pilot Program and the Future of the One to One Program

Analysis: Odle ASB Transparency Report

ASB Transparency Report

The Story of GEST: A kid can change the world

Betsy DeVos’s Visit to Bellevue Draws Protests

The History of Odle Middle School

Opinion: Reform the BSD’s Curriculums

The BSD’s Stylus Black Market


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